Waves hi

Holy shit ya’ll has it really been over a year, ok more like 2 years at this point. There were so many times I wanted to sit down and write, or I did but the words wouldn’t come, or they sounded like shit. Then life gets all in the way. And depression sneaks its way into the cracks and you think whats the point anyway. The next thing you know life is completely different then you could have ever imagined it and its 2 years later. My poor neglected little blog space.

So if you’re still out there hiiiii! I’m back, as long as life allows me to spend time with my screen.

Lets play catch up.

Still curse like a sailor, you know you missed it.

Still navigating life and parenting after loss

Still bitter, but better too

Still infertile, yet more so then we thought. Fuck it

And still sarcastic as ever.

And then there is so much newness

I become a doula, my hearts true calling. I specialize in bereavement which is an entire post in itself.

I had my tubes tied which has made me a better person. Yes I meant to say better and not bitter. You read that correctly.

And the biggest change of all.

We adopted the most amazing little girl. My heart just oh it explodes. She is amazing and perfect and the cutest thing ever. The way she fits in our family, it was just meant to be. It all ties right back into Annaleigh.

There are so many things I want to say and so many feelings and thought I need to put into words that I just don’t even know where to start. For tonight I will leave you with pictures. And hopes of a post tomorrow while so many thought are bouncing around, and grief threatens to swallow me whole.






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