Goodbye 2014


Well here we are, the end of another year. This year was not the year I’d planned by any means. But it was a good year still. I thought before October 2013 that this would be the year I brought home my third child. Then I thought this would be the year I got pregnant with our rainbow baby. But that didn’t happen either. And in some ways that is ok. Yes it’s disappointing but it gave us time to heal.


Crossing my fingers

I met some wonderful people this year and I’m so thankful to be able to call them my friends. It’s amazing to me how these people were strangers before last October, yet they mean so much to me now. I’d have never made it through without them. They are my people. I’ve finally found my people.


We acquired two more furbabies this year. One on purpose in the form of my Luna love, the cutest little miniature schnauzer ever. And yes she is named after Harry Potter. And the second in the form of a kitten thrown away by some horrible people. Lucky for Doby (yes also after Harry Potter, noticing a theme?) Eric had seen him and well he’s so stinking cute he just had to stay. But now with four cats, two dogs, some fish and a gecko the farm is full. And Gommer or oldest cast might murder us in our sleep if we bring in anyone else, he’s grumpy like that.


Meet Luna



And Doby, who thinks he is a flower.


My Rylee girl decided to try cheerleading this year, which caused me to come way out of my comfort zone. They needed a coach and since I am a stay at home mom who you guessed it I was coach. My cheerleading experience consisted of one season of charge when I was maybe 8ish. Yea I was worried I would be awful. But oh my gosh I’m so glad I volunteered. Those girls did amazing and we had so much fun. They worked their butts of and I am still so proud of them. Plus it made me smile. I enjoyed it and had fun, which was so very needed.



Emmett started preschool this year and man has it been a huge change. He loves it so much and his teachers are the best. He loves all the painting and crafts he does. And he finally had made himself some friends. I love his excitement. And the silly songs he sings.  I can’t believe 2015 will bring a kindergartner and a 3rd grader! Where has time gone?



We survived the first full year without Annaleigh. It wasn’t easy and I’m lying if I say there aren’t times when I just wanted to give up. But I didn’t and I’m glad. We celebrated her birthday with kindness acts in her memory, and a huge thank you to my friends who joined us and left out your own kindness acts for her. It filled my heart. We kept to ourselves for the most part that day. We spent the day in the mountains together and had cupcakes for her. Not how I thought it would go but a nice birthday for my sweet girl.



All in all it was a pretty good year. Not what I expected but good none the less. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.



Hello 2015


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