Capture Your Grief-Day 8



Day 8


Family and friends have been my greatest resources since Annaleigh died

My parents were there from the diagnosis on making sure we were eating and helping to take care of the kids

They took care of everything with the funeral home

Came to appointments

My momma is the one who found Annaleigh’s urn

They took care of us till Eric went back to work

Hell they take care of us still

And my friends

I’ve met some of the best people since her death

Most of them I didn’t really know up till that point

They have held me up on my darkest days

They sent us food when they had only met me a few days prior

I’d been on an online message board for a few years and when I told them she was going to die they were there

We were sent a handmade burial given that is beautiful beyond words

We were sent food that was wonderful when I didn’t feel like moving to cook all we had to do was great it up

And my necklace that I never take off



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