My baby didn’t die

I’ll let you in on a little secret, my baby didn’t die.

My daughter died. She was just a baby at the time of death.

She might not have made it home but that doesn’t make her any less my daughter.

Her being just born doesn’t make it better.

It doesn’t make her death easier to swallow.

But that doesn’t stop people saying well at least you didn’t really know her

At least you didn’t have time to get attached

At least it wasn’t Rylee or Emmett

Let me make this perfectly clear to you


My child is DEAD

She isn’t coming back.

And we are left here to deal with that.

We are left here without our daughter, not JUST a baby.

Because she is, was, and always will be more than just a baby.

She is my Annaleigh.

For the rest of my life I will wonder who she would have been..



4 thoughts on “My baby didn’t die

  1. Agreed, “there is no at least”. Also, “it wasn’t meant to be” is another I get a lot. They are our children. If we lost a child at 6 years old, it would be equally as sad but people don’t see it that way.

    • Right? Or one of my other favorites, at least you can always have another. Because that will fix everything. And I can get pregnant so easily. For some reason when it is a baby people seem to go stupid and think they didn’t matter

  2. Maybe people who don’t know what to say shouldn’t say anything. That might be harsh, but I can’t imagine saying “At least” or “Meant to be” to a couple whose lost a child.

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