It’s been 9 months

I just don’t know how too feel.

It’s been 9 months since Annaleigh was born.

9 months since she died.

12:31 hit today, I want looking at the clock. 

I was actually outside.

But I knew when it hit. 

I felt it. 

It spread from the inside out, till I was left crying and shaking.

The world has moved on.

People have forgotten.

I wish the didn’t.

I miss my girl with every breath.

She should be here.

She would be crawling by now.

She would be babbling away.

My kids would be each other’s best friends.

It would be the three of them.

Instead I think of how they is one missing each time I buckle them both into the car.

Every time we leave the house one is missing. 

Heartbreaking doesn’t even being to describe this.


If give anything to hold her again.


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