it’s been quiet

Things here seem to be ok right now.

I’ve been happy.

Really happy.

It’s a scary thing honestly.

But the good times here have greatly outnumbered the bad.

I still miss her more than anything, don’t get me wrong, but right now I feel peaceful.

I’m not letting fear drive me.

I’m looking to the future and not just in the past.

I have decided to take on new projects to honor my Annaleigh’s memory.

I have decided that I am in control of my grief, it is not in control of me.

I’ve missed this sense of control.

I’ve missed ME.

I’ll never be the me I was before October 14, 2013, no, she died right along with Annaleigh; in the moment I was told my daughter was going to die, she left.

The new me is stronger than I ever imagined possible.

The new me is a warrior mom.

I am hanging on to me for dear life.


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