You held me down but I got up get ready cause I’ve had enough. Here my voice you hear that sound, like thunder gonna shake the ground. I got the eye if the tiger a fighter dancing through the fire cause I am the
champion and you’re going to hear me roar.

My grief chant.

I will not be held down by my grief. I will not cower in the corner.

I will speak my baby’s name. I will share her story. I will try again.

Sometimes this gets to be to much. Sometimes I do nothing more then breathe and cry all through out the day. Somedays I block out everything and everyone.

But most days I manage. I get up and I try my best to smile. I have hope for tomorrow. Hell I have hope for the year.

I got a tattoo to remind myself to have hope, to remind me of peace, and of Annaleigh.

I’m trying to keep this piece of me intact. To not loose everything I use to be. I hope to write on here everyday it might not be much it might, not always make sense to you but writing and music soothes my soul. It helps me get through.


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