the beginning

Getting pregnant is the fun part right? Well for us not so much. When we decided we wanted our third child we never imagined that we would face secondary infertility. But there we were over two years in with nothing to show for it. Endo and hormonal imbalances were to blame. We had pretty much given up hope, we would just have to be happy with two.


May 9th,2013, it was late evening and we were outside letting the kids play. I was sitting on the porch with Eric and I gagged. Hmm that is strange I never do that. I didn’t want to say anything and get Eric’s hopes up so I just said I had to go to the store. I figured that once again it was nothing but just maybe. So I get home sneak off to the bathroom and bam.


After two years of trying and fertility treatments, there they were two pink lines. Complete shock and disbelief. I was hysterical. I just couldn’t believe it. I called Eric into the bathroom and shoved the stick into his face saying do you see it? It’s there right? You see it? After telling me over and over that yes it was really there I asked if he would be upset if I showed it to my neighbor to see if she saw it as well. Oh course not he laughed.

So there I went across the street and of course she sees it too. We are having a baby! I think I spent the rest of the evening having everyone convince me it was really there. We were so excited completely in shock and just over the moon. Baby number three. Our family was almost complete.



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