first trimester

This pregnancy didn’t exactly start out easy. Multiple blood draws for low progesterone, low hcg numbers, and the worst morning sickness of my life. But we were having a baby and I couldn’t wait for that first ultrasound.

At 5 weeks I got to see her. Just a little speck. We were all so happy the kids thought it was just the coolest thing ever. We talked names and car seats, I tried to convince Eric I needed a van. We were just so happy.

Her due date January 22nd. But since I was going to have a repeat c-section it would be January 16th. One year to the day since my papa died. She was going to be my papa baby. Everything was going to be fine. He would take care of her I wouldn’t have any of the trouble I had with Emmett or Rylee. I felt calm. Still sick as a dog but she would be fine.

There was no hiding pregnancy for me, I was showing very early. So we announced to the world. About 10 weeks in I stood up and felt a gush. Something you never want to feel or see while pregnant. Blood. Everywhere. I don’t know how I didn’t loose it. I yelled for Eric and told him that’s it, it’s over.

I went to the doctor that morning expecting them to tell me she was gone. But there she was wiggling away on the screen! Two subcorionic hemorrhages were to blame. It’s common they said. Just needed bed rest and extra folic acid. Oh the relief she was ok. I was so happy I broke down on the table I just cried and cried. I spent the next two weeks on the couch and by our nt scan they were healed up.


The nt scan went perfectly we thought. The ultrasound tech said everything was perfect. Baby was measuring thought on track, and moving all over. We had started calling the baby wiggles after the last ultrasound, and boy did she live up to the name. All that was left was some blood work no big deal, everything was fine, they would call us in a few days with the results.


If only everything was really fine.


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