a few weeks of normal

The next few weeks past by without problems. I was still sick and not gaining weight but it was not a big deal. Just do my best and eat when I can. We worked on bedrooms and her closet filed up. We shopped for her nursery and worked on refurbishing the crib. Everything was perfect.

Her anatomy scan came and we were told she was fine. Not a single sign of a chromosome problem. Hallelujah our girl was fine she was healthy! We were almost halfway through the pregnancy. The only problem was she was a little small, no big deal probably from me being so sick. They would just bring me back in for a weight check more often.

At 22 weeks preterm labor hit. A small bump in the road, we expected it to show up earlier. Some medicine daily and a shot in the butt one a week and we were good to go. My cervix got longer, the contractions got so much better. We were so close to our goal of viability. That was the first major goal. Get to 24 weeks. We could taste it.


Wednesday October 2nd. V-day. We had made it. I went in for an ultrasound and my glucose test. I complained the whole time because being sick and drinking that nasty drink was terrible. They called me back and out was a new tech. She started the ultrasound and Annaleigh was still so small. She was about a month behind. This wasn’t good. This tech noticed something off with her heart. She wasn’t in a good position again so she couldn’t be certain but something didn’t look right. She checked the cord Doppler and it was incredibly high. I had no clue what that ment but I was about to.

I was taken to a room and waited for my favorite midwife to come in. I figured they might say something about needing to be monitored a little more or something. If only.

They wanted at the high risk doctor that day. Unfortunately it would be the next morning. Her cord Doppler was high, she wasn’t growing, and I had preterm labor. It was explained to me that the cord doppler being high was like her having high blood pressure. Since hers was so high she might come out the next day. Everything was stacking against her. And they were afraid the placenta was failing. What I thought was going to be an easy appointment was anything but.


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